Estepona beaches Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol

The Estepona coastline, shallow and sandy, extends over more than 21 Km. Offering a succession of beaches with different degrees of usage and popularity according to the area.
The Rada Beach, located in front of the town, has all services: restaurants, showers, lifeguards,etc. Awarded with the Blue Flag, it is the largest and most popular. The Cristo Beach forms a charming cove, and is ideal for any time of the year, being sheltered from the winds.
The La Galera and Bahía Dorada are distinguished by the beauty of the rocky areas with cliffs forming enchanting coastal landscapes.
The Beach of Costa Natura, first nudist beach of the Costa del Sol, offers a very popular alternative among the naturists of the whole of Europe.

Estepona main beaches

The following is a list of each of the beaches indicating the length of the coastline each case.
Del Cristo: 680 m.
La Rada: 2.630 m.
Punta de la Plata: 2.220 m
Punta Pinillo: 1.290 m.
Del Castor: 2.040 m.
La Galera: 960 m.
Bahia Dorada: 1.120 m.
Arroyo Vaquero: 585 m.
Costa Natura: 400 m. Nudist beach
Guadalobon: 1.860 m.
Bella: 1.220 m.
Guadalmansa: 1.370 m.
Del Saladillo: 2.630 m.
Casasola: 910 m.
La Atalaya: 1.070 m.